Top Three Best Areas to Invest in Dubai Real Estate

Over the past few years, the Dubai property market found itself in the midst of an economic crisis. Some experts believe that the state’s realty market is still facing hard times due to recession and oversupply in the market. According to these experts, the launch of a number of residential and commercial property projects, and a steady supply of new units, will continue to add stress on the property sector. However, there are analysts and experts who support the theory that Dubai is on the path of recovery primarily because of the ample supply of properties and thus affordable property rates and rentals.

real estate developers in dubai, Dubai’s economy is continuously stabilizing, therefore, now is the best time to invest in its rental sector and get steady income in form of rental returns. Let’s have a look at some of the areas that promise a good return on your investment in Dubai’s realty market and are thus highly popular among the local as well as international investors.

Dubai Marina

It would not be an overstatement to say that Dubai Marina is the best performing area in Dubai, both in terms of capital growth and rental yield. The community maintained its top position even during the worst recession period. Dubai Marina offers a cluster of property developments with varying property rates, rental prices, facilities, and amenities. If you have ample finance, you must invest in the most sought after and high-end buildings of Dubai Marina because these buildings promise the best capital appreciation and rental returns.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers, also known as JLT, is another sought after area in Dubai, both from a rental and sales point of view. Abutting the waterfront Dubai Marina, JLT enjoys an excellent location. If you wish to get high rental yields, making an investment in Jumeirah Lake Towers would be another great option. Just like Dubai Marina, you should invest in high quality and seek after buildings of JLT. Since the current market price of a property in Dubai is lower than the pre-crisis rates, the keen investor is availing of this opportunity and investing in JLT. Nonetheless, rental returns are already good in JLT and capital appreciation of JLT property is expected to rise further in near future.

The Greens

Because of being a well-established community, The Greens is among the top three localities. It enjoys an outstanding location in the state and boasts its low-rise buildings. In Dubai’s real estate sector, The Greens offers the highest rental yield along with the maximum capital growth. The community is getting popular day by day but offers a limited number of properties for investment. Real estate experts forecast a steady rise in sale prices of property in Greens. Another point in favor of Greens is that the community is completely developed.

As developed and established communities, JLT, Dubai Marina, and The Greens offer great opportunities for investment. Since these communities offer the greatest return on investment, promise high rental yields, and ensure capital growth, the investors with enough capital should consider investing them for investment.

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