Learning How to Make a Website Can Benefit Your Small Business

The first step in this process is to do keyword research. Take a few hours to figure out what exact words or phrases are used by the people that you want to visit your website. Once you have done that, you should use those keywords on a pertinent webpage. Let’s say one of your potential customers is looking for ‘magenta corduroy overalls’, you will need to make sure that a relevant page on your website contains those exact words. Also, use these keywords in the first couple of words of your page title; this is the most important part of your page (from the search engines’ point of view). Do this with all the pages on your website, but don’t overuse the keywords, and don’t stuff them in there all willy nilly, as search engines (and humans) don’t really like that. kodulehe valmistamine

The next tip to make your website search engine friendly is to get good advice from an expert on SEO. You need to choose your sources for information well, though. Some people out there believe in scamming the search engines. This is a dangerous method, plus it’s just bad for your credibility. So don’t fill your pages with hidden keywords; stick with credible sources for your information and you’ll be fine.

Build a website that is easy for the search engines to understand. Take advantage of the new technologies like CSS (cascading style sheets). This will minimize the amount of formatting in the HTML page code. The search engines really like that. So if you are unfamiliar with using CSS or other forms of code, you might want to hire a programmer who can do it for you. It’s better to work smarter than harder anyway, right? Also make your website easy to navigate; make the text easy to read. Engines don’t follow image links or animated links very well. They like simple, easy to use navigation, and your potential customers will like it better too!

The next tip to make your website search engine friendly is to submit your website to the search engines themselves. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a better position in the results but it does help a bit. Google and Yahoo have an actual facility where you can submit a list of all the pages on your website. This does take a little bit of technical knowledge, but you will get some valuable information about how often and how well your website is being looked at by the engines.

One last tip is that content is king. Make sure you update your website often, and fill it with informative and relevant content. Search engines love blogs and regularly updated content.

So in summary, remember to do thorough keyword research, and incorporate those keywords in to your web pages and into your content too if you can. Get some good information on search engine optimization (as there is too much information to mention it all in one article). Next is to build a webpage that is easy to navigate, and submit your website to the actual websites such as Google and Yahoo. Doing these tips can help make your website more friendly to your potential customers and to the engines.


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