iPhone 6 Features and Complaints

iPhone 6 Features and Complaints

iPhone 6 is one of Apple’s flagship phones. Following its yearly trend, Apple has launched its next flagship phone. Having released just another one of their models, it is time to revel in the glory of their newest range of phones. So iPhone users rush to your nearest stores to get the newest version of the iPhone!

iPhone 6 has a number of interesting features that differs from the iPhone 5S. Here’s a look what the iPhone offers and how it is different from its predecessor, the iPhone 5S. iphone 11

This much awaited and coveted phone promises all things well. So let’s see what it is all about.

1. Bigger display- For those who found the iPhone 5 and 5S screen size a tad limiting in terms of display; iPhone 6 brings you a longer, crisper LED screen at 4.7 inches. Frankly, the viewing experience on this display is a lot more fun.
2. Storage capacities- Apple has extended capacity and storage of the top-end model to 128GB, which is good news for hoarders. So any of you’ll who want to store photographs literally from the beginning of time, then this one is the one to pick
3. 4G Access- Setup with 4G internet access, your internet experience automatically becomes a lot more fun and not to forget, much quicker
4. Voice over LTE- This is the technology that allows you to connect to 4G to indulge in those crystal clear calls. Over 20 operators worldwide now have access to LTE networks to which your new iPhone 6 can connect to!
5. Wi-Fi phone calling- Your Apple iPhone 6 automatically connects you to wi-fi calling to allow you to get crisper phone calls and even leave better voice mails
6. Quicker Processor- iPhones were always known for its speed and smooth touch technology, but the iPhone 6’s new A8 processor makes games and application run faster than before. This Smaller and more powerful
7. Better Games- Apart from better features, this phone also comes with a whole horde of cooler games. So for all those game-lovers, enjoy the wide screen for a wholesome gaming experience.

Of course, there is also a fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint sensors are available in iPhones since the iPhone 5S. However, it is the added NFC support today in this latest phone model that has taken many by surprise.

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